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Schnell Consulting Group's IT Consulting and Services will make technology a revenue driver for your organization through first-class technology solutions.

Technology is essential in the modern-day business environment, but why not do more with IT? Work with an IT Provider that understands that technology is more than a sunk cost, but rather a benefit that can put money in your pocket. Schnell Consulting Group will help you save on the management necessary to operate your business and allow you to invest in technology that can increase your revenue. So what's holding you back? Find out how technology will become your competitive advantage.


"For over 5 years Perlis has entrusted Schnell Consulting Group (SCG) with its IT needs. Wayne and staff are knowledgeable, professional, and quite tenacious when solving complex issues.  SCG has proven to be an integral business partner in maintaining and upgrading both our computer network and phone system.  The staff is committed to providing superior service no matter how simple or intricate an issue may be.  Keeping pace with the ever-changing world of technology is a little less daunting with these guys on our team."

Marlene Baquie, Office Manager

The guys at Schnell Consulting Group have performed nothing short of a miracle when it comes to ABC Title's IT infrastructure. They have allowed me to remove IT maintenance and development from my long list of small-business owner duties.  Instead of putting out IT fires, I am free to spend time on business development and customer service. In addition to solving issues that were impossible to remedy according to other IT service providers, SCG has worked with us to develop a turn-key system specific to our industry that we can replicate in all of our locations.

Kurt Bellow, Owner

"Timely, knowledgeable and right on the price.  Schnell Consulting Group has stepped in to fill a valuable IT need and provide the expertise that we were lacking within our company.  We are a marine sales and service provider and our customer have a 24/7 - ASAP attitude.  We are not in the IT business so we leave that up to the experts.  Schnell Consulting Group is a valuable partner tasked with keeping our IT up to date and operating at peak performance."

Greg Roussel, Executive VP

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